Battles in 3K are strategic team battles which resorts in co-ordination, timing and most important: combos!! In single-player, players control one leader character and 2 pets. In dungeons, teams are formed by 3 players, each controlling on leader character and 2 pets, 9 heroes total. In raids, teams are formed of 12 leader characters, each controlled by a player.


Besides in single player, heroes are grouped in 3 formations, 1 in the front line, the vanguard, and 2 in the back line, the rear guard. Attacks from the vanguard to the rear guard do just 50% of the damage.


Characters perform actions throwing cards from their hand, cards can either be offensive, that target the enemy team, or defensive, that target the ally team. Player can throw up to 4 cards at a time, once you select the cards you are going to throw, you slide them to the formation you want to target. If one card is thrown, one enemy/ally from that formation will be hit, if 2 are thrown, 2 will be hit, and so on. All enemies/allies are hit if 4 cards are thrown. Offensive cards target characters with the highest HP first. Defensive cards target characters with the lowest HP first.

Cards can also be "Leader Cards" or "Command Cards". Leader cards are stronger and trigger when they are the 1st to be selected before throwing. After a Leader Card is selected, no more leader cards will trigger when selected. Command Cards, on the opposite hand, are triggered after a leader card has been selected and other command cards will also trigger after the first one. In that manner, the best possible way to throw cards is selecting a leader card, then 4 command cards, so all of them will trigger. Main article: Cards.


Each time a card or group of cards is thrown by a player, 1 offensive or defensive combo is generated. For the combo to continue growing, players have to attack alternately. If a player attacks 2 times in a row, 100 combo points will be deduct from the ally team. The more combos a team has, stronger their attack and defence will be. Combos play a big role in battle's mechanics, if a team doesn't score enough combo points, it will barely do any damage.


In PVE, the winning condition is quite simple: knock all opposing enemies out by taking their HP to 0. PVP battles, on the other hand, are won by scoring more points than the opposing team at the end of the round. Alternatively, if a teams score is more than 20 millPontos, knockout, cura e dano.