3K - Fusion is an exciting futuristic mmo card game with real time strategic battles in which players form teams of 4 or 12 heroes and battle agains each other (PVP) or the computer (PVE).

The game universe resolves around the year 3000, in which humans have now the ways to extend life for an unlimited time. But the technology to do so belongs to a secret group of tyrants - The First Borns, self proclaimed owners of all that exists.

In the start of the game the player is given an starting leader character, from which you can pick one of the 9 classes available and starter cards corresponding to the selected class. Up to 8 more leader characters slots can be purchased with real money.

In the PVE part of the game, players can send their leader character's on missions along the game scenarios to gather resources, recruit and battle the immortals. The scenarios are cleared after a single player battle in a system based of combos between the leader hero and it's followers. When the battle is victorious a time record will be set, and if the players is under contributors effect, the area will be able to be farmed automatically, using the fastest time se for that area. If the player is not under the contributors effect it will have to be farmed manually.

After completing the starting scenarios the players eventually find dungeons, where multiplayer battles of 6 players against the computer take place. That's where the game really shines, multiplayer battles in 3K are an unique experience of strategy, coordination, teamwork and fast-paced decision making. Dungeons can not be farmed automatically and can only be beaten a certain number of times per week. The same format goes for raids, an endgame type of dungeons for 12 players at a time.

For the completion of both scenarios, dungeons and raids, players are rewarded nfiewnf, the game's currency, specific cards, booster packs, items and other miscellaneous utilities.

There are three ways to play PVP in 3K. The most important resolves around the immortal arena, a tournament in a league like format between "guilds", that has to be played daily in preset times of the day, featuring 12x12 players battles. There is also the resistance holodeck, where 6x6 battles take place.